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þriðjudagur, nóvember 12, 2002
Ætla að læða inn einum brandara sem Solla frænka sendi mér á seinasta ári.

A man goes to the forest for a bear hunting weekend.
The first day he walks around the forest and spots a bear so he says to himself ' right, I'm going to kill my first bear of the weekend' and he shoots it but after he does this the bear walks off & disappears & a minute later somebody is tapping on his shoulder - it is the bear he just shot. The bear says,'because you tried to shoot me I'm gonna teach you a lesson you won't forget, I'm gonna fuck you up the arse'.
The next day the man walks in the woods again and is determined to shoot the bear dead for what he did yesterday. He sees the bear, takes one shot & thinks the bear is dead, but again it walks up & disappears and later he feels somebody tapping on his shoulder - it's the bear again, who Fucks him up the arse again.
The following day the man walks, very painfully, into the woods again with a much bigger shotgun. He sees the bear, takes a good long aim & shoots the bear this time the bear stays still for a while and the man thinks 'great - it's dead'. However, the bear gets up after a while & disappers and then the man feels tapping on his shoulder again. It's the bear again and he says 'Hey, you don't really come here for the hunting do you?'